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Lung Cancer Connection needs you to advocate for change! 

Stand up.  Be visible.  Be heard.

For yourself.  For someone you love.  For someone you lost.

Because of the erroneous perception that lung cancer is a self-inflicted disease, lung cancer patients are often treated with less dignity and respect than other cancer patients.  This is wrong. 

We desperately need you to become an advocate and help educate the public, as well as medical professionals, about the devastating facts of the disease. Lung cancer advocates can also bring much needed attention to the huge disparity in federal funding for lung cancer research as compared to funding for other major cancers.  

In 2012, the US Government spent over $1 Billion on breast cancer research; it spent just $231 million on lung cancer cancer research. Since the early 1970s, the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer has jumped from 75% to 89%. The 5-year survival rate for lung cancer has barely changed from 13% to 16%."

-- National Cancer Institute, Department of Defense,
and National Institutes of Health (2012 statistics)

One of the biggest challenges to the cure for lung cancer is the limited number of survivors who can act as advocates on their own behalf. With a 16% survival rate, patients are often too ill and too overwhelmed to take up the lung cancer awareness fight. Therefore, it falls to loving family members and friends to become the engines of change, to shine a light on lung cancer, and to share the knowledge of its many startling facts with the public.

To arm you on your advocacy journey, we have filled this website with some of the lesser known facts about lung cancer, such as...

The number of people who die each day from lung cancer is the same as if a jumbo jet crashed and killed everyone on board every single day. "

Lung Cancer Connection strongly believes that as more people become aware of the staggering statistics of lung cancer, its blame-the-victim stigma will be eventually replaced with the conviction that no one, under any circumstances, deserves lung cancer!

Lung Cancer Connection encourages advocates to take every opportunity to communicate accurate facts about the disease. Share your lung cancer story with others via letters, e-mails, social networking, and phone calls, especially to the media and lawmakers. Contact your state and federal legislators to tell them about the public health crisis that is lung cancer, the widespread toll lung cancer takes on our country, and the imperative need for more public and private funding for lung cancer research.

Lung Cancer Alliance offers great information on how to contact elected officials to advocate for lung cancer awareness. Click here for more details.

Did you know that November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month? Each year in Missouri, as well as most other states, the governor must be petitioned before that honor is officially proclaimed.  Perhaps in the near future, if we all do our part to help raise awareness, that yearly proclamation will become permanent! 

Lung Cancer Connection invites you to get involved with our many advocacy efforts. Volunteer to become an active member of LCC, and join others who share your commitment to finding better treatments and a cure for lung cancer!