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Here is some of the latest Lung Cancer Research from the American Cancer Society and 

General Update:

From 2016: "The US Food and Drug Administration approved the lung cancer drug, Xalkori, for advanced, non-small cell lung cancer." 

From 2015: Research from Stanford University is focusing on the orgins of the cells that mutate.  They hope to be able to follow the cancer mutation process more completly by starting at the origin.  This has implications for earlier detection and new treatments. 

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (2016):

From 2016: Doctors are working on creating personalized forms of therapy that are more effective.  This research is coming from additional analysis of early samples of tumors. 

Advances in imaging technology are improving early screening efforts. 

Small Cell Lung Cancer(2015):

From 2015: Scientists are ecouraged by developments related to immunotherapy, or boosting the body's natural ability to fight cancer.  The hope is that the immune system can eventually control and limit lung cancer growth. 

Research is underway to combat the side effects of lung cnacer treatment, in an effort to improve patient comfort and quality of life.