Lung Cancer Connection - Support, Education, Research, Hope

What We Do

Lung Cancer Connection is committed to organizing and funding community outreach programs supporting those affected by lung cancer in the St. Louis area. 

Lung Cancer Connection has many plans in development for serving lung cancer patients, and with over 1,500 cases of the illness diagnosed each year in the greater St. Louis area, LCC has much more to accomplish. To turn our mission and vision into reality, we focus on: 

  • Providing support, information, and hope to the newly diagnosed and their families.
  • Educating the general public, medical treatment providers, and support networks about lung cancer's devastating toll on thousands of people each year.
  • Increasing funding for research and treatment, such that donation levels are comparable to those of other common cancers.
  • Eliminating the stigma associated with lung cancer so that all impacted by the disease are consistently treated with dignity and respect.
  • Supporting and creating awareness for legislation that advocates for lung cancer funding and treatment initiatives. 
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Here are some ways we currently serve the St. Louis Area:

  • LCC provides resource bags and information to newly-diagnosed patients and families. The resource information bags are free, and they are available at almost all St. Louis area hospitals and cancer centers. If your hospital does not have a bag available for you, please contact Lung Cancer Connection at 314-858-9050.
  • Since the spring of 2011, LCC has underwritten multiple monthly lung cancer support groups in partnership with the Cancer Support Community of St. Louis. These support groups are the only ones in St. Louis specifically targeted to lung cancer patients and their caregivers.
  • Lung Cancer Connection also applies a portion of its charitable donations to fund lung cancer research. 
  • LCC awarded medical education scholarships to St. Louis area medical professionals interested in learning about advances in care for lung cancer patients.  
  • LCC also hosts events like an annual 5k called "RUN.WALK.BREATHE.", an annual trivia night, and a "Blow Up Lung Cancer" campaign in November